Teens with ADHD
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The Author
School Success
Advice From Young Survivors, 2nd ed

Chris A. Zeigler Dendy
& Alex Zeigler

A survival guide for teens, preteens, and young adults!
A quick read "Cliff Notes" for adults.

Book Summary: A Bird's-Eye View was written expressly for teenagers, preteens, and young adults by teenagers and a young adult who are struggling with ADD or ADHD. This survival guide for teens, preteens, and young adults offers factual information and practical advice in words and examples that young people can easily understand and put into practice. Written with humor and compassion, A Bird's Eye View offers down-to-earth tips for coping with a variety of issues: disorganization, forgetfulness, always being late, sleep problems, memorization, procrastination, restlessness, medication, writing essays, and algebra. Filled with pictures, cartoons, and entertaining ADHD stories, this book is meant to be helpful yet still be interesting to read. The bottom line goal for this book is to provide teens and parents with educational information, strategies for coping, plus a sense of hope that they too will survive this sometimes overwhelming disorder. According to former Surgeon General Everett Koop, M.D., "No prescription can ever be as effective as education." A Bird's-Eye View provides the perfect first step in this educational process.

For more details, please read the table of contents shown below:

Background: Leading researchers in the field of ADHD have emphasized the fact that education about ADHD is a critical element of a treatment plan. In fact, Dr. Russell Barkley has reported that ADD/ADHD education is often more effective than counseling. Dr. Peter Jensen explains that ADHD education is one of the most critical things we must provide for families and teenagers.

Alex Zeigler, the coauthor and Dendy's youngest son, is an ADD survivor. He tells about his terrible high school years and shares personal tips that enabled him to persevere and graduate from college in spite of his struggles. Chris Dendy, the "scribe" who recorded the words of wisdom from these young people, is a professional with 40 years experience as a teacher, school psychologist, and mental health counselor and administrator.

Alex and I worked for three years to write a book expressly for teenagers that will help educate them about their ADD or ADHD. We review the strategies that we utilized while addressing our own personal challenges with attention deficit disorder. In the process we interviewed twelve teens from across the country and sought their advice for dealing with many of the common challenges that accompany attention deficit disorder.

Alex did graduate from college after years of struggling with the challenges of his attention disorder plus hidden executive function deficits. He has a major in criminal justice/forensics and a minor in computer science. His computer skills were essential in the publication of this book. Because our artist and layout designer became gravely ill while we were in the midst of producing the book, Alex took over his responsibilities. He designed the book cover and did the layout for the book using In Design and Photoshop software. He also created the artwork for the Iceberg and diagrams of the neurotransmitters plus did the shading of the cartoons.

Table of Contents:

ADD and ADHD According to Alex
Meet the Real Experts on ADD and ADHD

  • Ari - 15, ADD
  • Adrian - 16, ADHD
  • Amelia - 18, ADHD
  • Erik - 17, ADHD
  • Jeremy - 17, ADHD
  • Katie - 13, ADHD
  • Khris - 16, ADHD
  • Kati - 14, ADHD
  • Kyle -15, ADHD
  • Nathan - 12, ADHD
  • Perry - 17, ADD
  • Tyler - 15, ADHD
The Common Challenges of ADD and ADHD
  • Chaos and Clutter (disorganization)
  • Daydreamers and Space Cadets (inattention)
  • Absent-minded Professors (forgetfulness)
  • Ready. Fire! Aim....Oops! (impulsivity)
  • "I am late for......everything!" (can't judge passage of time)
  • Night Owls and Morning Zombies (can't fall asleep or wake up easily)
  • Doodling 101 (messy handwriting and printing)
  • A Tortoise or a Hare? ADD vs ADHD (slow reading and writing or rushing through work)
  • Brilliant Ideas Lost Forever (problems writing essays and reports)
  • Remembering Two "F" Words: Facts and Formulas (can't remember math facts and formulas)
  • "I'll do it tomorrow." (procrastination)
  • Short Fuses (difficulty controlling emotions)
  • Bouncing off the Walls (hyperactivity/restlessness)
Coping with ADD or ADHD
  • Education about ADD and ADHD
  • Counseling
  • Parent Counseling
  • Medication
  • Accepting help from others
  • When treatment isn't right
  • Finding your Islands of Competence or..... "What am I good at?"
  • Advocating for yourself
  • Tough topics-smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, and driving
Closing on a Note of Hope!
More Helpful Information for You and Your Parents
     A Letter to Parents of Teens with ADD or ADHD
     Summary 1: The ADD/ADHD Iceberg
     Summary 2: Ten Frequently Asked Questions about ADD and ADHD
     Summary 3: What You Need to Know about your Brain
     Summary 4: What you Need to Know about Medication
     Summary 5: A Medication Rating Scale
     Summary 6: Executive Function..."What is this anyway?" (ATTENTION article)
     Summary 7: A Graphic Organizer for Writing an Essay
     Summary 8: The ADD and ADHD Dictionary

Here's what the experts are saying about A Bird's-Eye View...

"It's terriffic...Without exception, this is the best book I have reviewed to date for teens with ADHD and their parents. It is clear, concise, engaging, witty, entertaining, and at times appropriately irreverent yet more importantly it is founded on the science of ADHD not just anecdotes. ...it is packed full of factually based information on ADHD derived from the voluminous scientific literature that is skillfully woven throughout the more personalized information and serves to demystify and de-pathologize the disorder. Congratulations to Chris and Alex for collaborating to produce this unique, insightful, and highly useful guide to ADHD in adolescents."
     Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D., professor Medical University of South Carolina; author, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment and numerous other ADHD books.

"Amelia is just like me. I am sooooo ADD. This book is informative and has lots of good advice. It helps to know that there are others like me; I'm not the only one struggling.
     Samantha Robertson, age 13

"A beautiful, original, charming, and useful book. Dendy and Zeigler write with grace, wit, and power. A superb book!
     Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness and co-author of Driven to Distraction

"A Bird's-Eye View of Life with ADD & ADHD: Advice from Young Survivors will become a treasured resource for teenagers and their parents and teachers. What makes this book different from all others on the market (and there are many) is that one of the authors is a young adult with ADHD (Alex) and the other is his mother (Chris). They have collaborated to gather stories from a dozen other teenagers with ADHD. Together, they tell what life is like living with this condition and give practical advice on overcoming challenges. Alex's great sense of humor and his inspiring message of hope will make this book very worthwhile reading for teenagers who want the "behind-the-scenes" facts from two authors with a great deal of first-hand experience."
     Harvey C. Parker, Ph.D., author of Problem Solver Guide for Students with AD/HD and co-founder of CHADD.

"Two Thumbs UP! Mrs. Dendy and Alex present a beautiful and accurate representation of what youths with this crippling disorder go through. It is necessary that we open our awareness to this disorder in hopes of helping people learn how to cope with it. The authors put us well on our way to success. Thank for standing up and taking a voice for us."
     Tyler Howell, age 16

"A wonderful book full of helpful facts and suggestions-written by teenagers with ADHD for teenagers with ADHD. This is the first time up-to-date information has been presented in this unique format-reporting teenagers' feelings and thoughts about living with this condition. Highly recommended reading for all teenagers experiencing the symptoms of ADHD!"
     Theodore Mandelkorn, M.D., pediatrician, Director, Puget Sound Behavioral Medicine Center.

"Everything in this book is soooooo me! I completely relate to the issues and the advice. This book is going to help many kids who are confused and uncertain about how to cope with their ADD."
     Amelia Friedman, age 19

"I really love this book! It is an essential tool for any pre-teen or teen who is living with AD/HD."
     Perry W. Green, III, age 17


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