Teens with ADHD
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The Author
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Expert advice on ADHD

Chris A. Zeigler Dendy

Bonus Segment:
A Military Dad's Perspective On Discipline
Robert T. Dendy

DVD Summary: Four fathers talk about the realities of living day-to-day with their teenagers who have ADD or ADHD. In addition, two of the fathers also have ADHD. These fathers share the joys and challenges that go along with being a parent of these children. They discuss their child's strengths plus the importance of reframing ADD/ADHD behaviors more positively. They also describe sources of conflict with their child, school problems, homework battles, conflicts between parents, the self-doubts that plague most parents, benefits and concerns regarding medication, and the "discipline dilemma". They speak candidly from first-hand experience about their family's struggles and the important lessons they have learned.

Bonus Segment: A Military Dadís Perspective on Discipline
When Robert Dendy speaks at conferences, mothers often ask him to come home with them to explain ADHD to their husbands. This new bonus segment allows Dendy to share his unique perspective on discipline, plus he speaks candidly about the mistakes he made. Currently he travels and speaks with his wife and is especially popular among parents.

Background: I decided to produce the videotape, Father to Father, when I realized that many fathers haven't had the opportunity to educate themselves fully about ADD and ADHD. Often they are unable to attend training session at our local CHADD meetings. Sometimes, they are out of town on business or stay home with the children so moms can attend our meetings. So I felt one of the best ways to reach dads was to develop a videotape of fathers talking about the challenges of parenting children with attention deficits.

The Four Fathers:

Marquis Baeszler, MSW
Community Liaison. Child & Aadolescent Unit
Atlanta Regional Psychiatric Hospital

Don Dieckman
ISO 9000 Auditor

Bobby Robbins, MSW
Director, GRN Community Service Board
a community MH/MR/SA center

Robert T. Dendy
Sr. VP Rock-Tenn Company
retired Lieutenant Commander, U.S. Navy

These fathers have diverse backgrounds: two are businessmen and two are veteran mental health professionals; two fathers have ADHD; two have military backgrounds with one being a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy; and two have master's degrees in social work. Three are also raising stepchildren plus one is raising his grandchild. Their children range in age from fourteen to twenty-eight. Of these seven young people, six are sons, four have ADHD, three have ADD Inattentive, and four have specific learning disabilities.

Their Children:
  • Jerry, 14, ADHD/SLD
  • Billy, 15, ADHD
  • Bart, 16, ADD/I
  • Alex, 23, ADD/I/SLD
  • Michael, 24, ADD/I/SLD
  • Lisa, 28, ADHD/SLD
  • Steven, 28, ADHD

A Message of Hope: These fathers offer a message of hope and encouragement to other parents. Parents of children with ADD or ADHD often share a common bond because most have experienced the same challenges, frustrations, and fears about their child's future. You are not alone!

A final word of advice from the fathers and Chris:

Believe in the goodness of your child and
in your ability to cope with whatever challenges arise!