Teens with ADHD
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The Author
School Success
The ADD Experience!

Chris A. Zeigler Dendy
No Longer Available

Video Summary: In this powerful VHS video, six teenagers and young adults talk about their experiences living with ADD and ADHD. (Both VHS videos will be converted to DVD format within the next year.) These young people will impress you with their incredible insights, wisdom, and humor regarding school, classroom accommodations, medication, coexisting conditions, such as anxiety and depression, their "ADD sense of time", sleep problems, and relationships with their parents. These inspiring role models talk about their strengths, successes and dreams plus also reveal some of their more painful experiences. Hopefully, this informative video will help many children develop an accepting attitude about having an attention deficit disorder. In addition, exposure to this positive educational video may help children skip the traditional "medication refusal" often associated with the teenage years. Many parents, teachers, special educators, and counselors have effectively used this video as a springboard for discussion to educate teens about their attention deficit.

Background: One of the most powerful and life-changing programs I have facilitated for our local CHADD chapter features teenagers talking about the experience of having an attention deficit, the teens themselves, talk about having ADHD has a profound impact on other children and teenagers who hear them speak! To provide continuity and a sense of what the future holds, I also invited two young adults, my son and a friend, who had served on the panel for the past five years. This video also demonstrates the value and high-esteem in which we hold these young people. My seven-year-old grandson watched with wide-eyes as he listened to my son and his friends talk about the importance of taking medication and how it helps you concentrate in school.

The Teenagers and Young Adults:
  • Julie Jordan 14
  • Jerry Dieckman 15
  • Travis Lewellan 18
  • Marisa Flowers 18
  • Alex Zeigler 24
  • Lewis Alston 24

An Inspirational Message: These young people are inspiring role models for other children and teenagers. Their message is simple but powerful: "We have ADD and we're okay!" They have learned to recognize their strengths, feel good about themselves and compensate for the challenges of having attention deficit disorder.